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The Restaurant

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Our Kitchen

restaurant's kitchen is the most crucial element to determine its success. A positive & healthy kitchen culture leads to a successful restaurant. We dedicate a lot of time and effort to ensure our kitchen is at its best in terms of human capital, tools & equipment, and food supplies. Over the year with experience and on-the-job learning we have been able to minimize the time our food sits at our stores so we can give our customers only the most fresh food and ingredients. 

Our Vision

To provide a fine dining experience that ensures our guests visit us again.

Our Mission


To hire extraordinary talent and empower them with an environment that has an internal and external focus. Internally we build an environment where we support each other in different areas to keep high morale that instills a strong sense of belonging. To build an atmosphere where long term customer satisfaction is at the core of our decision making process. To focus on the quality of service we provide in a free, open & transparent environment. To let creativity be the core of our business culture. To lead the market in fine dining Pakistani cuisine across the world. Externally we focus on capturing market share by being present at the right place at the right time. We focus and invest heavily in our expansion with an aggressive approach.


The Ambiance

The Ambiance of a restaurant plays a significant role in a customer's overall dining experience. It ties the service, environment, and cuisine together to define their perception of the restaurant. At Mughal we have always put a lot of focus on our ambiance, space, and customer overall comfort. Our ambiance is pleasing to the eyes and follows a calm and luxurious theme. We consult professionals and seek their expertise to enhance our customer experience.

Our Staff

Human capital is the most important element for a restaurant. Whether a customer will visit us again or not is in the hands of restaurant staff. The way they are treated as soon as they enter a restaurant, or even before, determines and ensures customer loyalty. At Mughal we believe this is the secret of our success. Our team is professionally trained to provide an uncompromising service to the guests.


The Future

With a presence of over 15 years and a solid foundation we at Mughal are well equipped to take our restaurant to any part of the world and be hopeful of positive outcomes. We have the knowledge and understanding of the restaurant industry. Our restaurant currently is located in two neighboring cities and we have yet to expand nationally across the Kingdom. Big markets like Riyadh and Jeddah are next in line.
We are also offering franchising globally and details will be provided very soon.

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